Kindle Color E-reader for 2024?

Author: Nicolas ᚚ

kindle color 2024

After a fairly quiet year in 2023 for Amazon and its Kindle e-readers, we can expect some new e-readers in the coming months, including the hypothetical arrival of a (long-awaited) color Kindle e-reader.

Writing a news story about a rumor is always difficult, but writing a news story about a rumor concerning both the Kindle e-reader range and color e-ink screens is virtually impossible.

And yet, that's what I'm trying to do here :)

The facts

So, it all starts with a piece of information given by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo a few month ago. Ming-Chi Kuo is a trusted reference for all consumer electronics news.

So, he has published that one or more color Kindle e-readers are expected from Amazon in the next fex months.

Manufacturing of these e-readers will start in 2024, for commercial release either in 2024 (Christmas) or early 2025.

He also indicated that these readers will probably not use Kaleido technology, but rather E Ink ACeP technology (i.e. Gallery 3), which provides colors that are better suited to Amazon's intended use.

All this, then, is just a statement from a source described as "reliable", but which may be wrong.

I think that a Kindle with a Kaleido 3 is a safe bet, because both Kobo and Pocketbooks brands have released such e-readers in the last weeks. So I doubt that the new Kindle e-reader will have a Gallery 3 screen.

What we really know (the safe and the very safe)

kindle color 2024

Picture: this is a photomontage of a Kindle color e-reader

Now I'll try to explain what we really know.

First of all, we know that Amazon doesn't know what to do with its most expensive e-reader, the Kindle Oasis, which has more or less been cancelled (at least in the USA, but I've probably jumped the gun a bit).

Next, we know that color screens are much more affordable now with the release of the Kobo Clara Colour and Kobo Libra Colour e-readers.

So a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader with a Kaleido 3 color screen would cost about $200, wich is not to bad!

But a simple 6-inch color Kindle would be sold for around $140 - $150 - which still makes it an affordable e-reader, given the technology involved.

What we also know is that Amazon has been investing heavily in color screens for years, and rumors of a color e-reader crop up regularly. Amazon even bought a color screen technology called Liquavista, without success.

It's clear, then, that they're interested in this subject and are actively working to bring out a Kindle e-reader with a color screen, especially as some of the software has been ready for years, such as the Kindle in Motion animated books.

Kindle in motion ebook in color

Finally, we know that Amazon has made no announcement about the release of a color Kindle (at the time of writing).

Will Amazon release a color Kindle e-reader?

Here are my predictions on the subject.

First of all, I think we'll obviously see a color Kindle e-reader in the years to come.

I also think it will arrive in the end of the year 2024.

I also think that Amazon is only going to release one Kindle color e-reader, probably at $200 to test the market.

We can therefore expect a Kindle with a 7-inch diagonal screen to cost in the region of $200.

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